‘The Virus Within: Hearing HIV’

Had a great time this weekend with Workers Union Ensemble performing ‘The Virus Within: Hearing HIV’ at Southampton University’s Science and Engineering Day.  Ben Oliver’s work with scientist Chad Swanson has resulted in a wicked three-movement piece which uses strands of DNA and nucleotides in musical form.  Fascinating from both a scientific and musical perspective, we are looking forward to touring this around the UK over the next few years.

Check out the promo video to find out more:

Promo video for ‘Hearing HIV’ project

Here is a snapshot of the fascinating project my group Workers Union Ensemble were involved with earlier this year.

Hearing HIV‘ brings together contemporary music and cutting edge scientific research. In collaboration with virologist Chad Swanson, Benjamin Oliver has composed a new three-movement work for ensemble and electronics that musically explores HIV replication processes and how innovative ‘Shock and Kill’ treatments might provide a cure for HIV.

This video is of extracts from the premiere at Guy’s Chapel, King’s College London, on 15 February 2018. You can watch all three movements in full here. Or why not come and see us live in Southampton in 2019? Exact dates and times to be finalised but check the Workers Union Ensemble site for the latest info.