Fife Music School Launch

I am thrilled to announce that myself and good friend and colleague Catherine Evison are launching Fife Music School with two open mornings on Saturday 26th October and 23rd November.

You are most welcome to come and meet us at Windmill Community Campus and find out more about our plans for the coming few months. There will be free music classes and cake! All you need to do if you would like to attend one of our class is sign up here.

To find out more about the exciting range of classes and events rolling out through 2020 for musicians of all ages and experiences, please head along to our website via the button below.

Ensemble Playing for Beginners

Below is a little article I wrote about playing in a group for the first time. I was inspired to write this when I started thinking about my own experiences of playing in an ensemble for the first time, and the comments I hear from my students. Hopefully this will encourage people to give it a go and join a local group or band. It is without doubt one of the best things you can do to improve your playing and all-round musicianship and a fun and rewarding activity to take part in!